A LITTLE HISTORY ABOUT ME: From young there is passionate music...

you know, with friends and learn a little bit to strum the guitar just to pass the evening together and play a bit of everything, but in time then directions plus interest towards new perspectives. I find that I like to play with music and create songs. So then I decided to record a song just to do some experiment. For fun and in recording studios and friends, in 2003 the master Emanuele Chirco know that I will take care of the arrangements of the songs instead I SOGNI CHE HAI and SOLI NELLA NOTTE .... and under his artistic direction do I load my responsibilities, I carve a master and I subscribe to the SIAE.

Unfortunately, the music school would help many gaps, but I do not lose heart, and I try to learn along the way.

In 2004 to participate in Ragusa presets for FESTIVAL MIA MARTINI always with my song I SOGNI CHE HAI. I get an ok from the audience, I was selected to participate in and pass the turn to the true FESTIVAL MIA MARTINI in Rome. I get ready and leave for the trip where I find many people of the TV .... but the competition is so much that eventually I will serve as experience.

Return to do some evening in private parties and local continuous meanwhile always composing songs, accumulating and set aside.

In 2007 with the maestro Gianfranco Parrinello study PaperMusic carve INTIMITÀ, un'emotional song.

In February 2008, I participate in the 1st FESTIVAL CANORO DI MARSALA association Demeter receiving a certificate of participation. Many participants.

In 2010, again in the limelight. The master Gino De Vita creates arrangements of my song L'ORO NERO to participate in the Festival of the song of Marsala LA TRINACRIA D'ORO. The organizer Francesco Villari additionally asks me if I had other songs composed by me to give them to other singers and cost sharing so I present the other songs. I qualified in 4th place and receive a plaque as a prize and a plaque for the unusual.

Meanwhile, in the meantime, I start looking for collaborations and I happen to music even with the texts of the songs not written by me... On the surface everything seems ok but the task is not easy for me to have to follow patterns, but after a some commitment comes out the right outfit for each song.

The music scene does not stop, the lyrics and the melodies come out. Certain convince me and I think to group them into a CD. Among recommendations and selections of the material begin to see in my mind the goal clearer. Towards the end of 2014 beginning of a new adventure for a musical project, deposit the tracks to SIAE for the realization of a CD still work in progress.

Meanwhile, not to me unexpectedly, by chance in May of 2015 I discover a talented singer-songwriter named Miriam Scalici, who was so convincing from the realization of the first arrangement, which from here is born a stable and friendly cooperation for the realization of album, which is already being prepared, and at the same time new ideas arise for other future recording projects, including the idea of a joint album with Miriam entitled "MONDI" composed of ten tracks, plus three bonus tracks. From the first track "Alba di un Amore" that took shape in July 2015 were born then a series of songs that have brought us to concentrate more on this project.

The realization of this work, strengthen collaboration, and will give birth to a duo: Amos and Miriam.